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Kit and Dress

Camp Dress

This will consist of old clothes. On no account must any part of your uniform be worn in camp. Shorts must be worn at all times unless you have permission to the contrary - long trousers soon become wet and muddy in wet conditions.

Rubber boots are advisable, as anything else will let water in eventually. Hiking boots should generally be worn if it is not too wet, and MUST be worn when chopping wood. Trainers should only be worn if it is dry.

Do not get your own, or anyone else's, clothes muddy or wet (e.g. by playing in the stream). If your clothes get wet, make drying them your first priority.

There should be no wet kit in bags - each patrol should have a washing line.

When we go off site for activities, you should dress in reasonably clean, and not ripped, clothes. When we go offsite at any other time, you will be informed whether or not you must wear uniform. Shoes must be polished and neckers ironed.

Troop Equipment

It is everybody's responsibility to look after troop kit - in particular be careful how you use things. When you have finished with anything make sure it is put way clean and safe.

Never take anything (including books, spars and games) from HQ without asking for it.

Personal Kit

You are responsible for your own property. Make sure all items are named, and look after your kit. Put your uniform on a coat hanger, trousers over bar, necker over trousers, and woggle in shirt pocket, with the shirt buttoned up.

All articles must be marked, and packed in a rucsac, kitbag or soft holdall. SUITCASES MAY NOT BE BROUGHT.


Personal kit is not insured by either the scout association or school. We discourage scouts from bringing mobile telephones on camp. If they are brought they MUST be deposited with the leader in charge, who will look after them during camp. Household insurance policies can generally be extended to cover personal kit away from home - please check that yours does this.


A clasp knife or Swiss-Army style knife may be brought on camp.

Patrol Kit

There may be other kit added that is not listed here, but will be detailed in the patrol file