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Daily Routine

This may change on some camps. The end of the day is especially liable to change, for example lights out is later on campfire night.

07:30        Reveille

07:45        Prayers + sleeping tent inspection

07:50        Food Distribution

09:00        Breakfast

10:00        Flag Break (duty pl)

10.15        Inspection


13:00        Lunch

                AFTERNOON ACTIVITY

17:00        Food Distribution

18:30        Dinner

19:30        Flag Down - make ready for night

                EVENING ACTIVITY

21:15        Supper

10:30        Lights Out


Simon Wheddon Trophey:

The Simon Wheddon trophy will be awarded at the end of camp for a combination of the following items. Each year, the weightings to be given to the marks for each item will be decided by the PLC prior to camp.

The Nigel Balmbra Trophy

The Nigel Balmbra Trophy is awarded at the end of camp to the patrol which is most effective in striking camp and clearing up its site.




You will be told at flag break if it is WET or DRY inspection:

If wet:

If dry:

Comments on inspection will be displayed on the notice board daily. You are expected to rectify any problems.

Duty Patrol

It is the job of the duty patrol to prepare, break and lower the flag. The patrol should provide scouts to help with general jobs as required, such as tidying the marquee or sweeping out the minibus.

General Conduct

There will be a number of people in camp, and we may be sharing the site with other troops. Your conduct must be courteous and helpful. Remember that at all times you represent the Scout Association and LGS, in addition to our troop, so do not let your actions bring discredit to any of these organisations.

We rely on individuals to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner. If your patrol is to get along, then EVERYONE must do their fair share of  work WITHOUT GRUMBLING. PLs are responsible for organising the work of their patrols.

When the troop is called for flag break or any other reason (see whistle signals) you must come IMMEDIATELY, "at the double".


We have try to keep the number of calls to a minimum, but it is important that you should obey each call immediately. If we have to wait for one person he is wasting everybody elses time.

There are only 3 calls, usually given by whistle:


. . . . . .

Six short blasts. Go to the person giving the call. It could mean "Fall In" around the flag, or assemble at the flagpole, minibus, hq, etc. It might also signal the end of a game, and the return to HQ.

Patrol Leaders

. . . _

Three short and one long blast, sounding like "Leaders come heeeeere". PLs go to the person giving the call.


. . _ .

Two short, one long, one short blast, sounding like "Come and Geeet It". Food is being distributed from the marquee. This may require one or two scouts to take their tray and jug to collect food supplies, or the whole troop to come for lunch/supper.