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The Start of Camp and Travel


Before camp, some boys may be needed to assist with the loading of kit. This will either be on the morning of camp, or the day before, and is generally compulsory for all PLs and APLs unless they have an acceptable excuse.

Exact times will be given for the camp, but it generally takes about 2 hours.

Personal Kit

This must be brought to school as instructed, it may be that we require bulk kit the day before camp to be transported to the campsite. If we are leaving for camp on a "half school day" at the end of term, it is necessary for kit to be deposited in the scout centre that morning before registration.

Note that camp clothes and uniform, along with a packed lunch if necessary, must be packed separately and brought at the start of camp.


Each scout should provide a cake. While we prefer homemade cakes, a decent shop bought alternative will be acceptable. These should be brought to camp as instructed.


You must be at the scout centre for the time specified, dressed in scout uniform with you lunch and camp clothes in a small bag. This should include t-shirt, shorts, pullover, trainers/boots and waterproofs.

The Journey

Seatbelts must be worn at all times on the minibus. Correct school uniform must be worn. If the camp is a long way away, we shall probably stop on the way for lunch. If you get off the minibus, you must be in full uniform, with necker on, and top button done up.

On the minibus, you should keep all litter in your own bag, and avoid spilling food and drink. Fizzy drinks should not be brought. If you are likely to be travelsick, bring a supply of polythene bags and take pills.

Arrival at Camp

Upon arrival at camp, you should get changed out of uniform into camp clothes. Fold your uniform up and put it away.

Your patrol kit will be already set out on groundsheets. You should not collect kit until it is ready, and even then only kit from your patrol groundsheet may be collected. Other kit MUST NOT BE TOUCHED.

There must be no playing about during the pitching of camp

No-one may leave the site at any time without permission.