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This is not a complete list of the troop kit, but it gives some idea of what we possess, and how it can be used. I have split it into the following categories:

The prices given alongside items are the approximate replacement values. The kit is NOT for sale, and we do NOT guarantee that this would be the amount charged for replacements.



We have one marquee, which is only used on Summer Camp. Due to previous misuse, we no longer rent this out, and it can only be used by the troop.

Mess Tent (1000)

We have one mess tent, with poles and canvas in reasonable condition - although the canvas has shrunk slightly. This is regularly used by the troop, on camps, open days and activity weekends.

Stormhavens (1000)

We have around 10 stormhavens. We usually issue the new tents (9 - 14), using the old ones (3-8) rarely. They all come complete with poles, flysheet and pegs.

Force 10s (300)

We have a variety of Force 10 hike tents, from 2 man up to 4 man. These are used by the troop, but also by members of the troop for private expeditions and D of E expeditions.

Odysseys (400)

We have 4 vango odysseys, which sleep 3-4 people, which we took over from the former venture unit in 2003. They have recently been repaired and refurbished. Lighter than the force 10s, they are used by the scouts for events such as the 24 hour challenge, as well as scouts taking part in DofE expeditions.

Dining Shelters (300)

We have 6 dining shelters - all of which have poles in separate bags. Generally used only for scout camps, these provide a dry place to prepare food and eat, and easily fit a table and chairs/benches for 8 people. They can also be attached onto the ends of stormhavens to provide porches.

Store Tents (300)

Probably unique to the troop, these tents were designed by a previous scout troop. They are used on camp by the patrols to store food and tools. We have 6 of these, some of which are in better condition than others.

Toilet Tents

We have 8 toilet tents, which have not been used for many years.


We have 1 urinal tent - which has not been used for many years.

Groundsheets (50)

We have "new" groundsheets, plus a few old ones which have been replaced. These are usually used with stormhavens/mess tent.

Tarps (20)

We have a large pile of various tarpaulins, which are used on woodpiles, to make shelters, or as groundsheets for the store tents.


Large Tables

We have 4 large tables, 2 white and two green.

Medium Table

We have one medium table

Small Tables

We have 9 small tables which fit in the dining shelters with room for chairs at each end.

Heavy Benches

We have 7 heavy benches. These are quite old, with cast iron collapsible legs (ideal for trapping fingers!) They are only used when there are not enough pine benches.

Pine Benches

We have 6 collapsible pine benches, which are preferable to heavy benches.


We have over 30 collapsible wooden chairs, although some are in need of repairs. We also have "stacking" chairs in the scout centre.

Lath Tables

7 lath tables in varying sizes - used on dressers on camp.


Rake (1)

Spades (6)

Shovel (1)

Hand Axe (7)

Issued to patrols on camp for chopping wood. We have 7 useable axes, plus a few spare heads.

Felling Axe (3)

All three felling axes have just been re-shafted with hardwood shafts. These are only to be used by leaders/helpers.


We have various saws, including 9 bowsaws/bushsaws, a handsaw, and a hacksaw.

Mauls and Mallets

We have 3 mauls (used for marquee guys) and around 30 mallets - split into new and old types.

Toilets and Water Containers

Note that our water bottles are only for use with COLD DRINKING WATER.

Water Containers - Small

We have 17 small containers, which are used on camp by the patrols. They are easy to carry one handed, and are also available for use as water supplies in support cars on hikes etc.

Water Containers - Medium

We have two medium water comtainers - which are rarely used.

Water Containers - Large

We have 6 large water containers - with and without taps.

Water Containers - Round

We have 16 round water containers. In a previous life these belonged to the chemistry department, and contained dishwasher fluid etc. They have all been rinsed thoroughly before use though! These are very heavy when full, and only used for Marquee catering on camp.

Water Containers - hiking

We have 16 water bottles for use when hiking. These light bottles are ideal for expeditions etc, but only for personal drinking water. We also have a few older hip-flasks.

Buckets (16)

Bowls (26)

Various shapes/sizes/colours


We have 6 "bucket" toilets and 2 flushing toilets. None of these have been used for some time, and should only be used by experts!

Gas and Stoves

Gas Bottles

We have a variety of gas bottles in the garage. Please order in advance so we can check that we have them filled.

Gas Stoves

We have 6 calor gas burners, 1 savanah (which is showing its age), two tilley talisman stoves (also showing their age) and 1 new stove. These take various gas regs (spare regs and pipes available).


We have two large water boilers, one with a plastic "push" tap and one with a metal valve.


We have 8 trangia stoves, which run on Meths. These are suitable for expeditions, including D of E expeditions.

Primus Stoves

We have 14 full sized primuses, which run off paraffin but require meths to prime. We also have 4 boxed mini primuses, and one petrol primus.

All primus stoves come with meths bottle and windshield, and maintenance gear is available.

Fuel Bottles

We have both Sigg and MSR fuel bottles available. Sigg are suitable for meths, but the red MSR ones must not be used for meths.

Gas Lamps 30-50

We have 2 medium gas lamps and 5 small ones. These run off Coleman gas bottles, which can be ordered through the troop. Spare mantles are also available.

Duel-Fuel Lamps

These run off Coleman fuel or unleaded petrol. They are quite hard to light, and are often more trouble then they are worth. The fragile mantles are very expensive, so take care.

Hurricane Lamps

We have several ageing hurricane lamps. These have not been used for a very long time, and are quite rusty.

Petrol Can



We have large (patrol), medium and normal frying pans available for use. We also have large and small warming pans.


We have two sizes of dixie.


We have around 8 sets of "old" billies. Many of these are missing the "medium" Billie out of the set. They require billy handles. We have recently purchased 3 new billies, which have built in plastic handles - and are not suitable for use on fires.

Plastic Cookware

We have a variety of plastic cookware, including bowls, strainers, measuring jugs etc.

Chopping Boards

We have wooden and plastic chopping boards.

Cutlery and Utensils

We have large supplies of knives, forks and spoons (shared with other users of the scout hut). We also have cooking utensils including knives, large forks, serving spoons, wooden spoons, fish slices, spatulas, mashers, tin openers, ladels and whisks.


Pioneering Poles

We have a range of poles between 1m and 4m in length. These are used for large scale pioneering projects such as bridges, gates, etc. Kept in garage.

Dresser Poles

We have a large supply of dresser poles ranging from 50cm to 3m in length. These are used for non-load-bearing pioneering, and for building camp gadgets.

Ropes and Lashings

We have 4 long ropes, and several boxes of short lashings. We also have a box of sisal.

Aerial Runway

We have 1 seat, 1 aerial runway rope, and 1 running block. These are only to be used by those qualified to do so.



We have several compasses, including some brand new ones. We also have two rangers.


Our latest "toy" is a GPS system, which can track your position using satellites. This is of limited use in woodland. Comes with instructions.

Map Measurer

We have 1 digital map measurer. This can be used to measure hike distances etc.

Map Cases

We have a box of assorted map cases, of varying qualities.

Maps (6.00)

We have Explorer maps for the Loughborough area. We also have assorted landranger and pathfinder maps.


We have a box of survival bags. We also have foil blankets, Fox-40 whistles, and water purification kit.

First Aid

We have one small and one large first aid box. These are occasionally checked by the school matrons, but are not always kept in good condition by the troop! We suggest you use your own as backup. The large box has a stand.


Flags and Flagpole

We have one flagpole, which is in need of renovation. We also have Union, Welsh and Troop flags.

Electrical Box

We have an electrical box including 2 sets of 2 halogen floodlights and a fusebox, which can be set up in the marquee.


Most scouting related titles can be found on the office bookshelves.