Ulverscroft Priory (By G. Thomas)


Distance: 3.5 miles Time: 1h15
Suitable For: All walkers Terrain: Can be muddy, Stiles, Hills
Difficulty: Easy OS Map: Explorer 245
Starting Point: Car parking space on Ulverscroft Lane (503123) Parking: At Start
Toilets: None Refreshments: None on route, nearest pubs in Newtown Linford or Markfield.
The Walk
Just a note before you start- make sure that your car is securely locked before you leave it.

From the parking space walk the few metres to the end of the road. Cross priory lane and walk onto the track. Follow this track along, past the priory and over a cattle grid. Where the path forks follow the right fork, then cross the boundary at a stile a few metres to the right of the gate. Walk across this small area and over the stile to the right hand side of the far boundary. Be careful of nettles at this point. Follow the path across the small field and uphill (don not take the left-hand path).The path is signposted, and crosses three fields before reaching the road.

Once you have reached the road, cross over, walk down the road a few metres, and there should be another footpath on your left. Follow the path along the left of the field boundary until the end of the field. Turn right, into another field. The path follows the right-hand field boundary across two fields. Now follow the path as signposted across the next field to the far side, with Bawdon Castle farm to your right, and then alongside the right-hand field boundary. After crossing two field boundaries, take the right hand path halfway along this field. Walk diagonally across this field, downhill, to the road.

On reaching Charley Road, turn right (SE) and follow it until its conclusion. Cross the road, and walk 300-400m until you see another path on your right. Follow it along the side of the woodland, and then right along the field boundary. You should end up at a gate by Ulverscroft Lodge again. Turn left and follow the first part of the route, along the track, in reverse. You will now have finished the walk.



The map will be added soon.

Author's Comment:

This is a relatively short walk that affords good views of some very beautiful areas of Charnwood. It is a nice walk to undertake on a Sunday evening, at any time of year. It is probably best if do not take dogs, as there is a lot of loose livestock along the route.

Webmaster's Comment:

I have walked part of this route at various times. The area around Ulverscroft Lodge farm can be very muddy.

This walk was written and submitted by Gwilym Thomas. If you have any comments on this walk, please send them to The Leicesterwalk Team, and we will forward them on. This walk is one of many sent to me by Gwilym, but is the only short one so far.

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