The Langtons


Distance: 11 Ĺ km / 7  miles

Time: 3 hours.

Suitable For: All walkers

Terrain: Footpaths and tracks, one steep ascent

Difficulty: Fair

OS Map: Landranger 141 or Explorer 233

Starting Point: Thorpe Langton Church (741 925)

Parking: Street parking near start

Toilets: Pubs (for patrons only). No Public Conveniences en-route.

Refreshments: Pubs in Thorpe, East, Church and Tur Langtons.

The Walk

From the church at Thorpe Langton, walk along the Leicestershire Round footpath. Keep following the Leicestershire Round signs, turning left onto a farm track, then right again. Follow the path, which runs right along the field boundary. At the end of this field, cross into the next field. Walk directly across this field and the next, and continue along this long, straightish footpath, crossing fields to the village of East Langton

Follow the Leicestershire Round, walking along the road to the village centre. Turn right in the village, and then take a footpath on the left near to the pub. The path bends around to the right, and then meets the Thorpe Langton road. Cross over, onto a minor road, and walk into the village of Church Langton. At the end of this road, near the church, turn left, and walk through the village. At the B6047, turn left. Immediately after the last house on the left, turn right down a footpath which follows the boundary between the field and the house. Follow this path across the fields. When the path splits, take the right fork, Keep on this path, and when the paths cross, turn left, aiming slightly left of the church. 

At the end of this path, turn right onto the road, and walk through the village of Tur Langton. At the B6047, turn left, then take a path immediately on your right. Walk along this path, across fields, crossing over a brook, eventually coming out in Stonton Wyville. At the road, turn right, keep on this road out of the village, crossing over another road, and walk along the track, which is part of the Leicestershire Round.

Shortly, take a path on the left, following the Leicestershire Round signs. Climb to the top of the hill, turning right past a Trig Point. Follow the Leicestershire round off to the right, slowly descending the hill, aiming to the right of the first area of woodland. Walk through the second wood. Keep going downhill, eventually joining a track, and walking back into the village of Thorpe Langton.

Author's Comment

Living North West of Leicester, I donít do a lot of walking in this area. However, I have visited the Langtons, a beautiful group of villages just outside Market Harborough, and I decided that this would be a nice area to do a walk around. The walk also slots neatly into the Leicestershire Round walks.

The walk can be customised, starting in any of the villages along the way. East Langton, Tur Langton, Church Langton and Thorpe Langton all have pubs (although I have only visited the one in East Langton).