Thornton and Whittington Grange


Distance: 12 km / 7 ½  miles

Time: 3 ¼ hours.

Suitable For: All walkers

Terrain: Footpaths, roads and tracks. Can be muddy in places

Difficulty: Fair

OS Map: Landranger 140 or Explorer 233

Starting Point: Thornton Reservoir Car Park (471 074)

Parking: Car park at start

Toilets: On reservoir path, near church (off route).

Refreshments: Pub in Thornton, near start but off route.


The Walk

Starting from the car park at the west end of the dam, walk East across the dam. Just after the end of the dam, turn left, and walk along the path around the outside of the reservoir. At the second “point” of the reservoir turn left onto the Leicestershire Round footpath. Follow the Leicestershire Round signs, going straight on, along th edge of the woodland. Cross over a brook, and walk into a wood. In the middle of the wood, at a cross-path, turn right. Walk along this path until you reach the road. Here, turn left, cross over, and then turn right along a track to Whittington Grange Farm.

Follow the path through the farm, and walk parallel to the M1 until the corner of the wood. Turn right, then cross over a brook and keep right at this junction. Walk along this path, keeping the field boundary on your right, crossing into the next field, and aiming along the left of the woods. Cross another field boundary, and walk diagonally left to a cluster of buildings, bending round to the right again. Walk straight on this footpath (don’t turn left or right) aiming for Old Hays Farm.

Just before the farm, at the end of the path, turn left, walking across fields, crossing a brook, and eventually reaching a track. Turn left along this track, doubling back on yourself, keeping he woods on your right.

At the end of the woods, turn right, across a golf course. Follow the path to the road. Turn right and walk along the road taking a footpath off to the left along the side of Heather Close Farm. Keep on this path, past Busky farm, reaching Merrylees Road. Turn right onto this road, walking back to Thornton. Turn right at the end, and return to the car park.

Route Map


This map is meant only as a guide. You should still carry a proper Ordinance Survey or similar map with you when walking. This map is to no definate scale. Map drawn, and copyright to, Daniel Spencer, 2003
Author's Comment
I've only walked parts of this route, and I'd be glad to hear from anyone who has walked the whole route with any comments etc.