Gaddesby, Brooksby and The Wreake Valley


Distance: 13 km / 8 miles

Time: 3 hours.

Suitable For: All walkers

Terrain: Footpaths and roads. Can be muddy in places. PLEASE READ FLOOD NOTE BELOW

Difficulty: Medium

OS Map: Landranger 129 or Explorer 246

Starting Point: Gaddesby Village Centre (687 132)

Parking: Street parking near start

Toilets: Pubs (for patrons only). No Public Conveniences en-route.

Refreshments: Pubs Gaddesby and Frisby

For driving directions to the start of this walk, click HERE

The Walk

From the centre of Gaddesby, walk North along the road. On the corner, at a junction, two paths lead off. One goes due east, and the other North East. Take the path leading North East, heading diagonally across a field. Upon meeting the bridleway, turn left, and follow this route until you reach the road. This bridleway forms part of the Midshires Way.

At the end of the path, having walked through a cluster of buildings, cross over the road and walk along the road immediately opposite, to Brooksby Agricultural College. The hall, formerly the home of Lord Cardigan, who led the Charge of the Light Brigade, is now an agricultural college. Continue past the college, crossing the railway and a river. Where the road splits, turn right, and continue along this road and into the village of Hoby.

In Hoby, turn right, and walk through the village. Turn right down a road opposite the church, which leads to a footpath on the right. You are now joining the Leicestershire Round. Follow this path, crossing over the river near the Old Mill. As the path splits, take the fork on the left, heading back across the railway lin. At the road, cross over, and continue along the footpath to Frisby on the Wreake.

In Frisby, turn right onto the road, then take a path on the left on the bend. Follow this path, again part of the Leicestershire Round, crossing over the road and continuing across the fields. At the net road, turn right. Follow the road back around the bend to the left, down into the village and return to the start.


 During periods of flooding, the path crossing the River Wreake at the old mill is liable to become impassable. An alternative route is to continue through Hoby, turn right at the end of the village, and the take the next road on the right. This adds just over a mile to the length of the walk.

Under heavy flooding, that route, and the road between Brooksby and Hoby may also become impassable. For safety reasons, we recommend that this walk is not undertaken when flooding is likely. For more information, please contact the environment agency.


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