Groby and Glenfield


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Distance: 10km / 6 miles

Time: 2 ˝ hours.

Suitable For: All walkers, but not very young children due to the main road.

Terrain: Footpaths and roads. Can be muddy in places. One steep descent, and one major road crossing.

Difficulty: Medium

OS Map: Landranger 141 or Explorer 233.

Starting Point: Groby Pool Car Park (SK 525 080)

Parking: Groby Pool Car Park (free)

Toilets: None

Refreshments: Pubs: Stamford Arms in Groby, Railway Inn in Glenfield.

For detailed instruction of how to find Groby Pool car park, CLICK HERE.

The Walk

From the Groby Pool Car Park, take the path left out of the car park, walking alongside the road. At the gate on the left, turn left, heading towards the A50 along a footpath. Where the path comes up to the A50, turn left, walking down the embankment, then right, under the bridge, coming out alongside the church into the village. 

Turn left, then tae the first road on the right, just before the pub. Walk up this road, passing a college on the right. After the college, take a footpath on the left (just before the cemetery) walking along the back of the cemetery to Sachevral Way. Cross over this busy road, and continue along the footpath which turns sharply to run parallel to the M1 to a bridge. Don’t cross over this bridge, but instead turn left, and follow the path across the field, towards the A46. After crossing a stream, and the route of a dismantled railway, you find the path blocked by the A46. Turn left here, and walk alongside (but a little distance away from) the A46, until the bridge. At the bridge, turn right, crossing over the A46, then after the bridge, take the footpath heading away from the road across the fields, towards the industrial estate.

Follow this path, which turns into a track running down the left hand side of the TNT depot. After the depot, you meet the line of the old Leicester to Swannington Railway. Here, turn left, and walk along the track which runs behind the scrap yard, ad then alongside the brook, crossing over a bridge. Keep on this track to the end, where you emerge on Station Road, behind the Railway Inn.

Don’t walk out onto the road, but instead, turn left, walking across the open tarmac area to a footpath sign. Follow this footpath between two field fences. The path soon becomes narrow and tree-lined, following the path of a small stream.

Emerging at the Shell petrol station on the A50, cross over this busy road with great care, and continue along the footpath on the other side, still following the stream. The footpath skirts a sports field, then meets the Rothley Brook, eventually running alongside the A46 to a tunnel.

Walk through the tunnel under the road, then, as the path splits at a bridge, take the left fork towards the cemetery. Walk alongside the cemetery to the road. Turn right, and then take a footpath a few yards on the left.

At the cross-path, turn left, and walk across the fields, parallel to the road. Ignore the turning off to the left, and keep walking, around the edge of a large field, before heading steeply downhill to cross a track. Cross over the track, then cross the stream at a footbridge, rejoining the track, which runs through the old “pick-your-own” farm.

At the road, turn right, and walk along the road back to the car park.


This map was drawn for Leicesterwalk, and is based on Ordinance Survey 1:50,000 mapping. It is for use as an aid to following the above instructions, and should not be used instead of a real map. We recommend that you always carry a real OS map and compass. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury incurred while following this walk, or using this map. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our map and instructions, we cannot be held responsible for any error.

Author's Comment

This is a relatively easy walk, although after heavy rain the fields between Sachevral Way and the old railway can be extremely muddy.  Be VERY careful crossing the A50. It may be a good idea not to do this part of the walk during rush hour!

There are a lot of footpaths in this area, so in addition to a map, a compass may be useful to check that you are on the right path. Make sure that your map dates from after the construction of the A46 Leicester Western Bypass (early to mid nineties) as this road has changed the routes of footpaths in the area considerably.

Keep close control of children and dogs when walking along the path next to the A46, as there are some gaps in the fence.

D. Spencer