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Welcome to Leicesterwalk - As you can see there is a new menu bar on this page. However, this has not as yet been applied to all pages, and therefore the table system is still in use in places. Also, we have not yet applied all the links to this bar. Where a menu consists of all the links saying "Site" the links are not yet in place.

We aim to complete this phase of the work as soon as possible. However, this isn't all. Please go to the news section for more details about the plans for this website.

Leicesterwalk - The home of walking in Leicestershire

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Welcome to Leicesterwalk - the home of walking in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

This website is part of the iLeicestershire Group. For more information, please visit the iLeicestershire homepage, or any of the other member sites.


What's New?

The site is now getting underway. We are currently designing and uploading the information section, and we hope to get that finished soon. You can visit it by clicking on info. We are also trying to get some photos taken, especially of the various country parks. If you have any photos we could use, please email us


Leicesterwalk is part of the iLeicestershire group. Please visit the iLeicestershire homepage (recently re-designed). iLeicestershire has Forums, Chat, Free email address, Newsletter, Events diary, and more. There are also various other member sites.



Leicesterwalk - Part of the iLeicestershire Group

Last updated 24/11/04

If you would like to use any of the pictures in this site, please contact me. Walks may be printed out for personal use, but may not be used for money making purposes without permission of Leicesterwalk.