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Leicesterwalk is moving

We are in the process of moving Leicesterwalk to a new hosting system. The existing LW site should remain operational until we are ready to "flick the switch" and move the whole site over, but there may be some technical problems and broken links during the move - and we therefore apologise for any inconvenience. We aim to be completely running the site on the new hosting by the end of the month.

It will be necessary to update bookmarks/favourites if they are currently linked to "https://members.tripod.com/leicesterwalk/pagename". It is easiest just to replace the "members.tripod.com/leicesterwalk/" with "www.leicesterwalk.co.uk/" as this will allow access to the pages even if we move hosts again at some time in the future.

Welcome to Leicesterwalk. This is a website dedicated to walking in Leicestershire, and hosts a wide variety of walk routes, as well as news, information, links and more! We also have a few walks outside Leicestershire (Holiday Walks), and reviews of equipment, books and shops.

Most of our walks are available in a print friendly format (many require a pdf viewer).

Also, why not visit our forums, to find out about events, footpath closures, and review our routes, and to let everyone else know what is going on in your neck of the woods.

I hope you enjoy this site, and check back regularly - as new walks are constantly being added all the while. Remember, this site is what YOU make it - i can write walks, but I really need your feedback - either use the forum or contact us. Please also click the link below to visit Landmine Awareness - a website dedicated to raising money to sweep minefields and help landmine victims.

Apologies for the lack of added content for the last few weeks - I have been extremely busy. However, several new items will be added over the next few weeks, and I am also writing a guide to the Norfolk Coast Path for the holiday walks section - sadly a bit late for this summer's season!!!




What's New?

  • Struggle to understand grid references? Read our new article on the subject, with animations and practise maps to improve your navigation. Click HERE. Further navigation lessons will be added shortly.

  • Holidays Section - looking for walks to do while away from Leicestershire - visit our holiday walks site.



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