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The Leicestershire Round is a 100 mile long circular walk around Leicestershire, devised by the Leicestershire Footpath Association to mark their centenary in 1987. It has become one of the county's greatest walking Assets, not least because it provides well marked footpaths through some of the most picturesque and interesting parts of the county.

It is our intention to eventually have a full description of the route online (Gwilym Thomas has promised to walk some of the route during the summer, and I have walked some sections myself as part of other walks), but until then, there is a good website about the round here.

A book of the Leicestershire Round can be purchased - its ISBN is 085-022-390-3 and it is published by Leicestershire County Council.

There are quite a few walks on this site which incorporate short (or even quite long) sections of the Round. A list will appear here shortly.

The walk takes in some of our best known walking areas, starting from Newtown Linford and heading through Bradgate, across the Charnwood forest and Soar Valley, over towards Melton, down to Burrough on the Hill, through Foxton Locks, and down to High Cross, the meeting point of the Fosse Way and Watling Street. From here it travels across to Bosworth Battlefield, before heading back across the National Forst, past Thornton Reservoir to Newtown Linford.

If you have walked the Leicestershire Round and would like to share any experiences or stories with us, please use the CONTACT US link on the left, or visit the forums. Thanks




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