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Using Country Lanes

Many walks include at least a short stretch of walking along country lanes. The potential dangers are obvious, but just following the guidelines on this page will minimise the danger.

1. Always walk in single file.

2. Walk along the side of the road facing oncoming traffic. When a vehicle approaches, move over as far as you can, onto the verge if necessary.

3. If there is a blind bend, cross over onto the side of the road on the outside of the bend, where you can see the cars and they can see you better!

4. If you are walking along a country lane in poor visibility, then it is a good idea for the front person to carry a torch. However, it should be pointed at the ground some distance ahead, so that drivers can see the torchlight, but you are not shining it in the drivers' eyes. You should also wear reflective, or at least light, clothing.

5. Keep close control of children when walking along roads. Also, keep dogs on leads.

6. Don't be tempted to accept lifts from strangers... it's often tempting at the end of a long walk, but safety first!

If you are driving along a country lane, keep a look out for walkers.

1. Always drive slowly and carefully... don't rush home after a walk, surely you can wait an extra five minutes to get in the bath!

2. If safe to do so move over when you approach walkers. However, take care not to move into the path of oncoming vehicles.

3. Take care when passing walkers... watch out especially for young children and dogs, and slow down as you pass them.

4. Sound your horn as you go around blind bends. This will alert walkers to your imminent arrival, and SLOW DOWN.

5. If driving along a road with large numbers of walkers around, turn your headlights on, even if it's during the day.

6. Turn the radio down, or off, so that you can hear shouts from walkers, or other drivers sounding their horns.

7. Please also read our document entitled Parking in the Countryside.



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