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Parking in the Countryside

When you go to the countryside, you will often use your car. However, when you want to go for a walk, you need to find somewhere safe to park.

For your safety, and the safety and convenience of others, please:

  1. Never park on blind bends

  2. Do not park in "Passing Places" on single track roads

  3. Do not park in a way that will obstruct traffic

  4. Do not park in field gateways - the farmer may wish to access the field

  5. Do not park in pub/shop car parks unless you are using that facility

  6. Never park in a cycle lane or on the pavement.

In order to protect the environment, please:

  • Do not park on the grass at the side of the road if there is an alternative.

  • Do not park on village greens.

  • Do not park a vehicle that leaks oil anywhere near a stream.

When getting out of the car, always watch out for other road users and pedestrians before opening the door. Don't sit blocking a pavement with your door while you put your boots on.

If you park on a steep hill, always leave the car in gear (or P on an automatic).

Many villages, Newtown Linford being a good example, are fast turning into car parks. If you are parking in a village, please make sure that you are not going to cause problems for the residents, and those who work in the village. Please don't obstruct driveways, pavements, etc.

Whilst Leicestershire does not suffer the same problems as the Peak district and Lake District when it comes to parking, it is still important to bear these simple guidelines in mind.


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