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By Tom Williams



Distance: 2 Miles (3.5km) Time: 1h
Suitable For: All agile walkers, young children should be supervised near rivers Terrain: Roads and footpaths across fields. Can be muddy/flooded
Difficulty: Easy O.S. Map: Explorer 246
Starting Point:  Crossroads in Cossington Parking: Roadside at start
Toilets: None Refreshments: Pub in Cossington

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The Route

Start at the crossroads in Cossington, near the car park and the pub, facing west down Platts Lane. Begin to walking down Platts Lane without deviation for about half of a kilometre, until it joins Syston Road. Continue west down Syston Road, towards Rothley.

After passing a gravel pit on your right, and the former Cossington Mill Restaurant on your left, cross “half way” over the bridge, so you are on a river island. Follow the footpath sign to your left, making sure that the Cossington Mill is on your left at all times. Here, on the river, there is a lock. Continue down this path, and over a footbridge. Just after the bridge is the confluence of the River Wreake and the River Soar. You will follow the path alongside the River Wreake. While walking down this path, you will have to climb over several styles, and you will notice another lock, and, behind the lock a river island.

Continue along the path for about 1˝ km, until you reach another footbridge. This is yet another confluence, this time between the River Wreake and the Grand Union Canal. The footpath splits in three. One path continues along the River Wreake, and under the Fosse Way; another goes across the footbridge and down the Grand Union; and the final one bears left at the footbridge (without crossing it), and across a field. For the purposes of this walk, take the latter (I will, at a later stage, detail walks talking you along these different routes).

At the style leading on to the field, you will be able to see three sets of buildings. Nearest the A46, you will see a small ruined building; left of that you will see a collection of farm buildings; and left of that you will see another house. Walk across the field towards that house, and down its drive. At the end of that drive, you will be at a t-junction. Continue straight out of the drive, and across the junction, which will take you directly back to the crossroads in Cossington where you began.


Map © Leicesterwalk 2004. This is a rough map, and we accept no responsibility for any loss or injury resulting from its use, or use of the walk route.

Walk written by Tom J Williams. Leicesterwalk can accept no responsibility for any errors in the above walk route, nor miscalculations of distance. We will attempt to have one of our staff walk the route in the future.


Author's Comments

This is not a walk to be attempted at a time when the rivers are likely to be flooded (as often happens with the Soar).

Tom Williams



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