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Loughborough and Hoton
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Distance: 11.9 Miles / 19km. Rempstone Circuit is 1 mile extra Time: 5h15m (+30m for Rempstone)
Suitable For: Fairly Competent Walkers Terrain: Undulating, Stepping Stones
Difficulty: Medium O.S. Map: Explorer 246
Starting Point: Loughborough Market (436 196) Parking: See driving directions
Toilets: Loughborough Market Place Refreshments: Loughborough, Hoton (and Rempstone)

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The Route

Start in Loughborough Market Place by McDonald’s. Take the A6 southbound until you reach the A60 (King Street). Turn up here and then take the first right, (Great Central Road) over the Great Central station. Take the third right after the railway (Little Moor Lane, over the canal.    Continue on the track, crossing the main railway line on the level. BE CAREFUL, THIS IS THE MAIN LONDON LINE THROUGH TO SHEFFIELD, ONLY CROSS IF YOU ARE SURE IT IS SAFE. Cross the A60, turning right.

          Turn down the B676 (Barrow Road). Turn left onto a footpath soon after a track to the left. Follow this field through a couple of fields until you come to a track. Turn left up here, and then turn right on to a path after Big Ling Spinney. Then head roughly west until you reach Prestwold.

          Turn left up Prestwold lane for a few metres, and then right, into Prestwold park. Follow the path through, past the church and into a large field. Head diagonally across to your right, then left along the water channel, crossing it and continuing to head roughly east, with the hall to your left. Follow this path through the woods.

          After leaving the woods, turn left onto a bridleway, then left again across the watercourse, to the edge of the airfield, follow the path, then the track until you again reach Prestwold Lane.

          Head north (right) along here until you reach the A60, turn right and walk through Hoton. At the end of the village, turn left onto a bridleway, turning right onto a footpath at the top of the hill. Follow this path to the bottom of the hill, turning left.

          Follow this path along into the next field. Again turn left, crossing a stream to head in a westerly direction. Follow this path past Black-a-moors Spinney right the way to Stamford Lane.

          Cross Stamford Lane, and take the path across the field, then over two bridges over the river and under the railway. Follow the path straight from the railway (SW) to Meadow Lane. Walk left (S) down Meadow Lane, across the A6004 and B589. Turn right onto Churchgate, past All Saints Church, cross Lemyngton Street and continue down Churchgate, turning left at the end. You are now on Loughborough High Street.

          Cross the High Street onto the Market Place. You have completed the walk.

The Rempstone Circuit

          Should you wish to walk an extra mile, there is a route through Rempstone. When you come out of Hoton, continue on the path along the A60. Half way round the bend at the bottom of the hill, take the path to the right (NE) up Sutcliffe Hill, and down into Rempstone.

          Turn left onto the A6006, and then left again down a path on the sharp bend. Follow this path to the A60. Turn left (SW) along the A60, taking the footpath to the right at the next corner. Follow this path through floodgate plantation, to where the four paths meet. Head straight on (SW), across the ford. You have now rejoined the main route.




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Map copyright LEICESTERWALK 2004 - Based on Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 mapping.

Disclaimer - We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury caused during walks found on this site. Whilst we make every attempt to ensure accuracy of information, rights of way or landmarks may move or change. We advise you always carry the relevant OS map with you.


Author's Comments

There are pubs in Hoton and Rempstone, and pubs and restaurants in Loughborough.

          The walk is not difficult; the hill on the Rempstone circuit is steep but not overly so.

          Be careful when crossing not only the railway, but the roads, major and minor, as well. There is a path along the A60 for most parts you will be walking, but take care.

          There is little shade on the route for much of its length, so appropriate clothing and sufficient water are necessities.

          Meadow Lane in Loughborough is often closed, to foot and vehicle, at the moment for repairs to the railway bridge. Check before you walk, there is an alternative route between the Brush works and the old GC Railway, but this is often overgrown. This puts you on the A60. Walk straight down here, past the station, A6004 and B589, heading down Nottingham road at the traffic lights, instead of following the A60. Turn left onto The Coneries, across Sparrow Hill and along Baxter Gate, reaching the High Street just by the Market Place.

          Above all when you are walking this route, have fun, and let us know how you found it.

Gwilym Thomas


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