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Cossington and the Soar
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Distance: 6km / 3miles Time: 2h
Suitable For: All Terrain: Flat footpaths, muddy (flooding likely)
Difficulty: Easy O.S. Map: Explorer 246
Starting Point: Car park in Cossington (605 133) Parking: At start
Toilets: None Refreshments: Pub in Cossington

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The Route

Start at the Car Park in Cossington (605 133)

Walk along the road to the crossroads in the village. Walk straight on along the road, heading West. The road bends to the left, then back around to the right. After walking over the railway bridge, turn left down Blackberry Lane, following Leicestershire Round signs. Keep on this lane, crossing Ratcliffe Road. The lane turns into a driveway running behind Ratcliffe College. Keep following Leicestershire Round signs, leaving the track to the right and heading diagonally across fields to the A46.

Cross the A46 with care, and continue along the footpath, still following the Leicestershire Round. The root meets a track, where you turn right heading down to the road.

At the road, turn left, and then take the footpath shortly on the right. Turn right at the next path junction, leaving the Leicestershire Round.

Follow this path towards Ratcliffe on the Wreake. Keep the village on your right and continue straight along the path to Broome Lane (nr Priory Farm). At Broome Lane turn left, then take the path immediately on your right. Follow this path alongside the River Wreake.

The path follows the river for around 1km, then splits off to the right. Cross the A607 and reach the river again near to the pub at Lewin Bridge. At the bridge, cross the road and walk alongside the river, going under the railway line. Keep straight on, following the river, passing Syston Mills and going under the A46. After the A46 take the 2nd footpath on the right. This bridleway eventually meets a farm track. Walk along this track past Marshdale Farm to the road. Walk straight on along the road into the village, then turn left to return to the car park.



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Map copyright LEICESTERWALK 2004 - Based on Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 mapping.

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Author's Comments

This walk follows the River Wreake for much of its distance, and, being in the bottom of the Wreake Valley, is mostly flat, apart from the section around Ratcliffe. Being close to the river means that there is a chance of flooding along the route, and I advise that you check with the Environment agency before walking. Also, I wouldn’t use this route after periods of heavy rainfall (a good guide is to look at the level of the river between the A6 and Cossington).

The driveway between Ratcliffe Road and Ratcliffe College is the main exit road from the college, so if walking during term time, especially at the start and end of the school day, please take care. The A46 is a busy road, and, although there are signs around the area warning traffic to drive carefully, you MUST take care crossing this road. If you would prefer to avoid this road, then turn right at Ratcliffe Road, and follow this road towards Ratcliffe, turning right after the A46 bridge, then rejoining the route on Broome Lane.



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