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Burrough Hill and Somerby
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Distance: 9km / 5.3 miles Time: 3h
Suitable For: All, but children and the elderly may find this walk challenging. Terrain: Footpaths and tracks, some steep climbs
Difficulty: Quite Easy O.S. Map: Explorer 246
Starting Point: Burrough Hill car park (767 115) Parking: At start
Toilets: At start Refreshments: Pubs in Burrough and Somerby

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The Route

Starting from the car park at Burrough Hill, walk along thr track until you reach the Leicestershire Round Footpath off to your right. Turn right along the path. Follow this path, with the Leicestershire Round waymarks, as it goes over a ridge and then continues along the ridge just below the top. At the end of the ridge, turn right (still on Leicestershire Round), and head across the undulating countryside to Somerby. 

When you reach the road in Somerby, turn right. Shortly after the telephone box, turn left down a driveway to the stables. Then fork right along a footpath which traverses the valley to Burrough on the Hill. 

When you reach the small country road, turn right towards the village. At the junction turn right, then take the path off to the left (near the church). As the path splits, go right, heading to the left of Burrough Hill iron age fort. 

Where you meet a track with the Leicestershire Round, turn right. Continue along this permissive route until you reach Burrough Hill. Here you can climb onto the iron age fort, before continuing along the track back to your car.


Map copyright LEICESTERWALK 2004 - Based on Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 mapping.

Disclaimer - We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury caused during walks found on this site. Whilst we make every attempt to ensure accuracy of information, rights of way or landmarks may move or change. We advise you always carry the relevant OS map with you.


Author's Comments

Burrough Hill is one of the most historically important sites in East Leicestershire. With a view stretching for miles (On a clear day it is said that you can see Beacon Hill and Boston Stump) it would have been a very strong defensive position. While you explore the earthworks, remember that they were built centuries before the invention of the mechanical digger. Thousands of tonnes of earth had to be moved using simple tools, often little more than hands and sticks. Atop the wall surrounding the site (which has partly eroded) would have been a wooden palisade, raising the height a further 3 metres or so.

Sadly Burrough Hill is something of a tourist attraction, but if you are fortunate in being there on a quiet day enjoy a quiet walk around the site.

As you walk around the valley between Burrough and Somerby notice how prominent Burrough Hill is.

The Old Brewery Inn in Somerby holds the record for the world's strongest beer - Baz's Bonce Blower (23%).



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